The Crystal World Exhibition v.02, London, 2012

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Impressionistic documentary video of The Crystal World v.02 one month exhibition at The White Building, Hackney Wick, London, August 3rd - September 1st 2012, examining computer materiality, e-waste, cybernetic feedback and entropy.

If life starts from aperiodic crystals that encode infinite futures within a small number of atoms, then the digital crystallization of the geo-biologic by Capital limits these futures to the point of exhaustion. Under such a pathology computers and the minerals from which they are made are considered as equally crystalline and, as such, their decrystallization is only possible through the introduction of vigorous and noisy feedback loops.

The Exhibition featured a large Hackney Wick Construction with ancillary features, surrounded by participating artists works/products from the preceding open lab, variously documented on their urls: Jenna Bliss, Kat Borges, Felix de Bousies, Graham Dunning, Fiona Flynn, Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp, Anna Norlander, Lorah Pierre, Bruno Vianna, Nihal Yesil.

with thanks to Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp, Lorah Pierre, for video footage. Edited by Jonathan Kemp, March 2013.

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