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General - Berlin

liquid nitrogen (dangerous) (- 186°C) flüssiger Stickstoff or Trockeneis (-75°C) http://www.linde-gas.de/international/web/lg/de/like35lgde.nsf/docbyalias/nav_trockeneis (Berlin: http://www.iceblockers.de) order day before use

bunsen/camping gaz stove/similar MK should have

red light bulb(s)/lamp(s) (MH)

any metal stand/trivets (MH 1)

methylated spirits(hellweg)

deionised water (5L)(hellweg)

metal mortar and pestle (source in Berlin) - Mörser edenstahl, Mörser eisen (Durchmesser: 10+ cm) (JK has 3kg cast iron in London)

buckets (x6 = 12 euros)(hellweg)

MAPP gas (18 euros)(hellweg)

MAPP gas burner head (JK in London. MH in Berlin)

2x neon transformers/MOTs (MH x2)

junk computers/pcbs (MH has old box of devoured PCBs - any untouched? probably a few) ORDERED/arrived

2x 6/12v car battery charger (Victor x 1) (use of PC PSU?)

hotplate (TO BUY)(hellweg)

silicon carbide (ie. carborundum) sharpening stones (green stones, not blue) (source in Berlin)(hellweg)

heavy steel plate (eg. 500x500mm) (Berlin source - scrapyard)

ignition coils (JK brings 1 from London) (MH ordered 1)

oscilloscope and curve tracer (MH and MK -use transformer for curve tracer following: http://www.experimentalistsanonymous.com/ve3wwg/doku.php?id=simple_diode_tracer) MH TO BRING

scales(MH)(Victor)(Jk digital scales)

glass slides (Victor, MH), petri dishes (Victor, JK),

polymer adhesive (MH)(hellweg)

small amount charcoal (Victor)

General - London

UK/EU plugs…..Ryan?

1100°C Digital Melting Furnace, 3.1 kg capacity + extra graphite crucible, gloves, graphite protector, quartz stirrer uow_budget

99+% alumina crucibles cylindrical 110x33mm w. lid, boats of 104x47x25 and 67x54x8mm) (JK £37.20 from ctm budget)

Borax cone and ceramic melting crucible (JK £9.84 from ctm budget)

cmc(?)/silicon dioxide kit (JK - £13.49 - from ctm budget)

high purity alumina blanket 30x100x25mm (JK) (£30 - from ctm budget)

ceramic blanket (1260°C rated) 1m x 1m (JK)


meths burners - MK has 2 meths burners



full Kirlian kit (JK) - KC has paper, developer etc.

Lab glassware - JK can bring some from London if necessary (ctm charged with finding in Berlin see below)

magnesium ribbon (JK £4.50 from ctm budget)


  • lye, borax, distilled water, lead, sulphur, silver (for galena), zinc nitrate (zinc in nitric acid), propanol (ordered), cadmium chloride (cadmium sulfide in photoresistors: http://sparkbangbuzz.com/cds-fet/cds-fet.htm), thiourea (reagent)(ordered), indium, ammonium hydroxide (MH/ctm ordered)
  • mycelium (MH to order)
  • copper sheet, zinc, graphite (good to use recycled comp. copper / copper extracted from ores or JK has copper sheet London)
  • rochelle salt(MH has 500g and use:Cream of Tartar+Sodium BI/Carbonate)
  • connector pins (20g) JK
  • (pure) high % silica sand (1 kg)(source in Berlin - pet shop/hellweg) (aquariensand,normally white)
  • silver sand (1 kg) (Berlin - high % silica Quarzsand 0.2-0.4 mm (from builder supplier)
  • Hydrochloric Acid 1 L (CTM)
  • Sulphuric Acid 2 L (CTM)
  • Nitric Acid 1 L (CTM)
  • iron oxide powder (Eisenoxid) (JK £5.73 from ctm budget)
  • aluminium powder (Aluminiumpulver) (Jk £5.25 from ctm budget)
  • clay (source in Berlin - 1kg for firing)
  • alum (JK from ctm budget))
  • monoammonium phosphate (JK £8.18 from ctm budget))

native metals

  • Copper (JK 4cm piece + 3” x 2”)
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Gold


actual ordered see uow_budget

  • Antimony - Stibnite 2” x 2” Morocco JK
  • Aresnopyrite (small lump)(Arsenic: dopant) JK
  • Bauxite (1kg) (Aluminium) JK
  • Cassiterite (tin) JK
  • Cobalt - Erythite (Red Cobalt) 2”x2” JK
  • Copper - Borite (Peacock Ore) 4”x3” JK
  • Copper - Malachite Medium Tumblestones x 5 (2cm) JK (Ryan possibly large piece)
  • Copper - Azurite - Namibia 3”X2” JK
  • Copper - Chalcopyrite 1kg JK
  • Dolomite (2kg)(flux) JK
  • Galena/lead sulphide (neolithic drawings) (lead, silver, sulphur) 1kg JK
  • Germanium (MH)(JK v. small)
  • Graphite, submettalic, grey & pure (Sri Lanka) - Mineral - 2” x 3” JK
  • Iron - Magnetite powder JK
  • Iron - Magnetite (massive) 1kg JK
  • Iron - Magnetite (Lodestone) 2”x2” JK
  • Iron - Haematite (1kg) (iron; LCD) (neolithic drawings) JK
  • Iron/Nickel - Limonite 1kg (neolithic drawings) JK
  • Magnesite (1kg) JK
  • Manganese in Calcite Mineral - 1kg (use acid to free manganese crystals) JK
  • Olivine (1kg) (LFP batteries) JK
  • Pyrite - Mineral - 1kg JK
  • Quartz Rose - Mineral - 1kg JK
  • Sulphur (Java) - Mineral - 1.5” x 1.5” JK
  • Selenium (semi-conductor) - Pyrite (clean specimen) 4”x3” JK
  • Silicon Dioxide - Milky Quartz 4”x3” JK
  • Tantalite - Tantalum JK
  • TV Rock Cubes - Mineral - 4.5cm sq JK (dunno what it is!)
  • Zinc - Sphalerite 9cm x 6cm x 5cm x2 JK
  • Zinc Sulphide - Smithsonite (Mexico) - Mineral - 2” x 2 JK
  • Argentite
  • Gallium
  • Ilenite
  • PGM ores
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Cooperite (palladium)
  • Pyroxenite, Pentlandite (Ruthenium: pcbs, resistors)
  • Europium


  • Bauxite (1kg) (Aluminium) JK
  • Chalcopyrite/Malachite (copper) JK
  • PGM ores
  • Gold ores
  • Silver ores
  • Silica (silicon) (JK small pieces silicon wafer)
  • Cassiterite (tin) JK
  • Nickel (nickel silicide - cf. earths core JM Herndon http://nuclearplanet.com/prsl1979.pdf)


  • JK has lengths, 2x8cm silver and ix4cm gold


some chemistry (26 euros MH)

silver/conductive paste (6 euros MH)

4kV 500mA transformer (60 euros MH - arrived)

haerteofen (70 euros MH - arrived)

pc schrott (39 euros MH - some arrived)

JJ's krystall kabinett (151 euros MH/paypal): [arrived: gold in quarz, silver, gold matrix(sic)]

further crystals/zundspule: (16 euros mh/paypal)

fungi (28 euros)

running TOTAL: 396 euros (say 400 with paypal costs)

UK costs from ctm budget (JK take receipts)
  • alumina crucibles £37.20
  • microkiln susceptor kit £13.49
  • alumina blanket piece £30
  • magnesium ribbon £4.50 (ebay)
  • Borax cone and ceramic melting crucible £9.84
  • iron oxide powder £5.73
  • aluminium powder £5.25
  • alum, monoammonium phosphate £8.18

running total: £114.19

berlin fleamarket

junk malachite stuff

silicon carbide (ie. carborundum) sharpening stones (green stones, not blue) (or from 1 euro shop)

mortar/pestle (cast iron/stainless steel) or cast iron saucepan


http://www.crystalgrowing-shop.com – now no deliveries possible

http://www.neolab.de – not for private persons

CTM to source/buy


  • 8x dirty wheeled office chairs
  • 4x heavy metal tables with vices, 2x metal shelves
  • plenty of exposed/hanging power strips/steckdosen- x10
  • fire extinguisher
  • neon overall lighting with harsher spot lighting (industrial)
  • white boards, charts pinned to wall or pinned to leaning chipboard- x3
  • coffee machine
  • additional large table for meeting room

exhibition, performance and prep:

  • large PA/speakers
  • video beamers x1


CW team to source

  • construction materials:

flexible plastic tubing of various diameters (JK 6mm x4m lab grade), , clear plastic storage tubs, used plastic bottles, construction wood (basic supports), gaffer tape, glue sticks, stiff plastic tubing, cable ties, plastic sheeting(hellweg)

  • H&S equipment - vapour masks (x3 JK), nitrile gloves (x50/100 pairs, not latex, Hellweg??), butyl gloves (JK), apron(s) (JK x1)
  • first aid kit (hellweg)
  • HV warning signs (hellweg)
  • petri/tissue culture dishes - (JK - 10x new)
  • straw / straw pellets (hellweg)
  • lab stands/test tube racks = diy versions from wood/clips/foil/screws
  • glass Pyrex/similar containers (say smallish oven trays)x 4 (JK brings one in Kirlian kit)
  • plastic trays (hellweg)
  • glass jars, plastic cups, buckets, razor blades, old CD, cardboard box, needles
  • tweezers/st.steel and/or plastic spoons/water spray bottles, plastic kitchen sieves (JK has st.steel meshes), funnels (hellweg)
  • battery drill/bits (MH has powered drill)
  • guitar strings (phosphor wire) (msuic shop in xberg)
  • consumables - paper towels, coffee filter papers
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