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crystalline mycology/earth computer



Biological Immobilization of lead from lead sulphide by Aspergillus niger and Serpula himantioides: http://www.bioline.org.br/request?er09052

Imagining some kind of bio-remediation setup with computer PCB, earth and mycelium. Perhaps as part of the “earth computer”: embedded measurement as device in the soil (writing _from_ the soil), use of electrolysis (a crystal garden), earthboot: booting a laptop directly from soil currents. Powering through earth battery mentioned below.

At the same time literal translation of elements such as display (coil/mirror for telluric currents, or piezoelectrics and laser), memory (earth cores arrayed), CPU (point contact, earth doping - see FET below).


grain mycelium, mixer/blender, straw, plastic trays, earth battery (copper, zinc, other metals?), see DIY FET/transistor, for electrolysis: copper and zinc, larger PSU

DIY FET/home-made transistor

thin film transistors ref: http://1010.co.uk/materials.html also http://www.andaquartergetsyoucoffee.com/wp/?page_id=130

perhaps also some integration with earth computer project above: doping the earth/soil, the whitby point-contact transistor; doping melt ores

for early semi-conductors/transistors see: reference

approaches: point contact (germanium, galena-lead sulfide), junction (cuprous oxide), FET/thin film (cadmium chloride)



point contact: phosphor bronze from guitar strings, germanium, galena(lead,sulphur,silver)

cuprous oxide: copper sheet, borax, lye(drain cleaner), silver ink

thin films (sci am): thiourea, cadmium chloride, indium, vinyl cement, silver paste, silicone

thin films/zinc oxide ref: indium replaced with conductive adhesive, zinc nitrate, propanol

high heat synthetic geology

  • Goldschmidt/thermite redox reaction see 'synthetic geologies' on techniques
  • crushed ores heated to high temps (microwave/diy furnace (gas/charcoal + blower/bellows)/ arc welder (diy Moissan arc furnace) see 'smelt techniques' on techniques
  • sedimenting new geologies in layers through melt pours/flattening, laminating (eg. geologic battery cells) and doping with bio-infestations (cyanobacteria/algae)


crushed/powdered ores

thermite reaction - concrete area outdoors, clay pot/similar, iron + aluminium oxides/ores, magnesium powder + ribbon, small amount of barium nitrate,

microwave - diy microkilns (alumina crucibles coated w. cmc/silicon carbide or magnetite, clay pots, alumina/ceramic fibre blankets

furnace - furnace, graphite crucibles, moulds or heavy steel plates

Moissan furnace - alumina bricks, copper sheet electrodes, old arc welder


  • rochelle salts - http://www.instructables.com/id/Rochelle-Salt/?ALLSTEPS Materials: cream of tartar (Potassium Bitartrate or Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate) and sodium carbonate (washing soda - can be made by heating baking soda in an oven at 300°F for 2 hours or with limestone and salt in Solvay process, also it has aperiodic crystal structure) - entrain to grow as aperiodic crystals/tiles re. Ralf/Martin display idea
  • silver crystals grown by electrolysis of silver anode, aluminium/metal cathode in silver nitrate solution - need microscope to see.. or just suspend copper wire in it and silver crystals will grow overnight
  • precipitation/crystallizations of: eg. sodium borate (Borax - JK), nickel sulphate hydrate, potassium chromium sulphate, copper sulphate (JK), ferrous ammonium sulphate, alum (JK), monoammonium phosphate (JK)

crystal signal processing

  • ultrasonic: piezoelectric crystals (quartz, rochelle salt) attached to high freq. AC power source (500 and 2,000 kHz) > rapid expansion/contractions = transmission of ultrasonic waves → reflected off (body) and received by quartz, transduced → electric signals eg. display image
  • signal → magnet, quartz, tin can = piezoelectric speaker (ref. http://bizarrelabs.com/foxhole.htm)
  • shaking quartz crystals in dark → triboluminescence
  • use variable conductive ores → point contact diodes/semi-conductors in arrays w. other circuits/measurement-display projects (http://softsolder.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/diy-diodes-nisley.pdf)

earth mineral precipitations

  • local groundwater precipitations vs. grow-your-own from supersaturated solutions
  • silicon precipitations: see techniques - including how to make silicon from sand; making sodium silicate (towards synthetic fossilizations); growing a crystal jungle.

synthetic fossilizations

onion skins, mushroom, samples (10x20mm) immersed 1 hr. and rinsed in distilled water → preparations of 1000/3000/5000 ppm sodium silicate in leachate/contaminated water from recycling experiments left for 24hrs/1week → microscopic photography for comparative rates of deformation/preservation


PH meter, Hcl, flasks

earth + crystal energies

  • http://www.creative-science.org.uk/sea1.html Baghdad batteries in series to drive a simple electrolysis reaction….Using silver and copper electrodes in a vinegar electrolyte we found (given enough time) that we could successfully silver plate the copper using our set-up

inductive crystallography

induction coil furnace + conductive work piece + mineral = pyroelectric effect

liquid crystal cryptography

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto

eg. investigate use of leachate solutions (question whether water separates acid from its crystal matrix) (nitric -42°C, hydrochloric -46°C, sulphuric -3°C - but depresses when <100%) → microscopy/kirlian imaging experiments

use liquid nitrogen/dry ice (fridge/freezers -18 to -34°C)

kirlian photography


JK to bring kit from London - glass plates, clips, transistors, 1x ignition coil, acetates

hi-voltage fulgurite construction

see: http://xxn.org.uk/doku.php?id=artificial_fulgurites and http://xxn.org.uk/doku.php?id=openlab_fulgurites

one idea is to use new geologies (synthesized computer minerals) (fossilizations of the anthropocene), as crushed (accelerated erosions) substrate for high voltage discharges → fulgurites


mot(s), neon transformer (try arc welder), bucket/box, ignition leads, stick, powedered minerals/silica etc

odic diffractions


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